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    Meet Marston James

    Hi there! Let me tell you a little about my journey. I have lived in Southern California for nearly 40 years, coming here from Northern California with the expressed goal, like so many, of “becoming an actor.” However, I came to realize that, for me, the craft of acting, that is, the work of exploring and understanding the emotional life of a character, was really a tool itself to help me explore my own inner emotional life and make coherent sense of my feelings and life experiences. I discovered that foremost among my experiences in need of addressing, understanding, and deep acceptance was my experience of growing up as a gay kid in my family and living as a gay person in this world. I began reading about “inner child” work and “re-parenting” techniques with which I could begin to work on myself, and I read about facing my fears.  

    I also entered into psychotherapy to obtain guidance in how to more deeply explore and understand myself better. In therapy I learned how to more depthfully and effectively work with my “inner life” — both the “light” (conscious) and “dark” (unconscious) sides to my personality — than I had ever been able to accomplish on my own. Along the way, I felt a growing energy, excitement, and inspiration within me — what I now recognize as Gay Spirit — that led me to graduate school to obtain my Masters degree in Clinical Psychology and later my license as a Marriage & Family Therapist.  

    I am passionate about working with gay men and lesbians, individually and in couples, to help them connect with their own Gay or Lesbian Spirit, the source of inspiration, energy, and Eros within every homosexual person! For more than 20 years I have successfully assisted many in addressing oppressive forces within and without that continue to make it challenging to live authentically as gay or lesbian in today’s world. I share this brief description of my journey and passion in the hope that it may inspirationally connect with your Gay/Lesbian Spirit that can inspire you into and through your own psychotherapy experience. I am here to offer my services to assist you in learning to work with your own inner life and to listen and follow your one true guide: your authentic Gay/Lesbian Self. 

    In Gay Spirit,



    • The Center for Gay Self-Realization 
    • California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists (CAMFT) 
    • Lesbian And Gay Psychotherapists Association (LAGPA) 

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    My Values


    A foundational principle underlying all psychotherapy is that of confidentiality, which means, in short, that, with only a few specific exceptions, everything you share with me in session, remains in session. 


    In my view, creativity arises out of a connection to homosexual spirit

    In Plato's terms, it is the "children of the mind" born of the love of same-sex loving persons. 


    I see compassion as beginning with oneself: the more compassion you have for what you have experienced or endured, the more compassion you have available for others. 


    Acceptance is actually the beginning. 

    "We cannot change anything unless we accept it." 

    ~Carl Jung 

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