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  • Gay-Centered Depth Psychotherapy to Unleash Your Gay/Lesbian Spirit!


    Life is challenging for everyone in one way or another – it seems to me that it’s in the facing of those challenges that we grow as human beings. If you were born gay or lesbian, you know that you have had to face another layer of challenges to being your authentic true self, such as having to conform to a hetero-oriented enculturation in order to survive childhood, beginning in your family and in your community, a mindset that typically continues into and impacts adult life and relationships.   

     And yet for most if not all of us, there was no one to help us understand and work through those challenges and the psychological implications of growing up homosexual in a homophobic world that leads to such experiences as depression, anxiety, stress, and trauma and can result in, among other things, conflictual and unstable relationships. Moreover, we likely did not have anyone around to educate us on our historic legacy as homosexuals, or help us develop a more fulfilling understanding and appreciation of our enlivening Gay/Lesbian Spirit, or initiate us into experiencing our Gay/Lesbian Soul.   

     I have passion for and longtime experience in assisting gay men and lesbians in overcoming oppressive forces within and without to better connect with Gay/Lesbian Spirit within them and live more authentic lives. I look forward to meeting you and assisting you on your path to greater wholeness, more authentic and fulfilling relating, and reaching toward your true potential as a gay or lesbian person!  


    Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart.  

    Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes. 

    ~Carl Jung

    Whether you are interested in simply developing some tools with which to resolve conflicts in your life or change problematic behaviors, or you want to venture more depthfully to address the causes of those conflicts, behaviors, and/or other psychological and emotional issues and move toward a greater connection with your Gay/Lesbian Spirit, you can get started right away by getting in contact today!

    I know that reaching out for help can sometimes feel like it is the most difficult thing to do – that is what makes it such a courageous act! I hope that you do not let your fear deter you from getting what you truly deserve: a more authentic lived experience of your Gay/Lesbian Soul!

    About Marston James, LMFT, Depth Psychotherapist

    I have over 20 years of experience in providing depth-oriented psychotherapy for individuals and couples of various self-identities, though I specialize in working with gay men and lesbians through a depthful Gay-Centered approach that assists individuals in addressing the psychological and emotional challenges today of having grown up homosexual in a homophobic society. I have successfully assisted gay men and lesbians in addressing, understanding, and meeting those challenges that continue to impact their lives today as experiences of depression, anxiety, stress, symptoms of trauma, conflictual relationships, instability in employment, and difficulties in navigating important life transitions.  

    I provide a safe environment in which individuals and couples can address past traumas, as well as “unfinished family business” from childhood, uncover possible hidden motives in their interactions in order to enhance more authentic relating, while emphasizing empathy, compassion, and understanding for what individuals have experienced. Please click on the link below for more information about my specific services and more about me as a person. Then use the available form today to schedule a free brief phone consultation or to make an initial appointment. I look forward to meeting you!